Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is responsible to approve or reject any real estate development in Lahore. Before investing in any project, whether residential or commercial, you must check its legal status. No housing scheme can be called legal until it gets development and planning permission from LDA.

Investing in LDA Approved housing societies is essential to avoid any risk in the future. From the past few years, Lahore real estate has grown significantly. Many housing projects are developed that offer multiple living and investing options. However, the investors must investigate the society in which they are going to develop.

Along with other factors, you must check that is it approved by LDA or not. This is a crucial aspect that highly affects your investment returns. You must choose a society that is LDA Approved and developed according to the legal regulations. Here is the list of LDA Approved housing schemes that offer the best value of money thus ensure safe living and investment.

SocietyCityStatusTotal Area
ABID CITY-ILAHOREApproved1532.3 Kanal(s)
AL-Karam LSD (1st Part), Mouza Manga OtarLAHOREApproved48.95 Kanal(s)
AL-Karam LSD (2nd Part), Mouza Manga OtarLAHOREApproved48.83 Kanal(s)
AL-Karam LSD (3rd Part), Mouza Manga OtarLAHOREApproved29.3 Kanal(s)
AL-Karam LSD (4rth Part), Mouza Manga OtarLAHOREApproved28.25 Kanal(s)
ARK VillasLAHOREApproved50 Kanal(s)
Abdalian SocietyLAHOREApproved973 Kanal(s)
Abdullah Garden LSD,LAHOREApproved16 Kanal(s)
Abid Town,LAHOREApproved200 Kanal(s)
Abuzar Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved442 Kanal(s)
Account Group Officers CHS .(Gul-e-Daman)LAHOREApproved311.8 Kanal(s)
Agrics TownLAHOREApproved454.35 Kanal(s)
Agrics TownLAHOREApproved104.85 Kanal(s)
Agrics TownLAHOREApproved203.45 Kanal(s)
Agrics Town Phase ILAHOREApproved219.85 Kanal(s)
Agrics Town Phase IILAHOREApproved454.35 Kanal(s)
Agrics Town Phase IIILAHOREApproved104.85 Kanal(s)
Ahmad Garden LSD,LAHOREApproved94.6 Kanal(s)
Ahmed Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved442 Kanal(s)
Ahsan Park Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved162.95 Kanal(s)
Airline Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved884 Kanal(s)
Aitchison Staff Cooperative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved331 Kanal(s)
Akhter EstateLAHOREApproved102 Kanal(s)
Al Hafeez Garden (Ibrahim Block),LAHOREApproved93.75 Kanal(s)
Al Hamad FortLAHOREApproved375.8 Kanal(s)
Al Kareem Garden,LAHOREApproved95.65 Kanal(s)
Al Noor Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved13.1 Kanal(s)
Al Noor Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved13.1 Kanal(s)
Al Rahim Garden Ph V Younis Garden LSD,LAHOREApproved88 Kanal(s)
Al Rehmat Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved661.34 Kanal(s)
Al jannat TownLAHOREApproved486.15 Kanal(s)
Al-Ahmad Garden LSD, MauzaLAHOREApproved95.6 Kanal(s)
Al-Amin Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved174.85 Kanal(s)
Al-Asar Housing Scheme, Mouza Manak, Off Raiwind RoadLAHOREApproved415.6 Kanal(s)
Al-Ghani Garden Ph-I LSD,LAHOREApproved33.4 Kanal(s)
Al-Hamra TownLAHOREApproved917 Kanal(s)
Al-Kabir Town, Muza Rai, Raiwind Road, LahoreLAHOREApproved239.75 Kanal(s)
Al-Karim Garden Ph II LSD,LAHOREApproved98.35 Kanal(s)
Al-Rahim Garden Ph IV LSD,LAHOREApproved90.65 Kanal(s)
Al-Rehman Garden Ph-III LSD,LAHOREApproved49.25 Kanal(s)
Al-Rehman Garden Ph-VI LSD,LAHOREApproved72.7 Kanal(s)
Al-Rehman Garden Phase-4LAHOREApproved95 Kanal(s)
Al-Rehmat Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved661.34 Kanal(s)
Al-hamd garden Land subdivisionLAHOREApproved83.5 Kanal(s)
Ali Hussain ParkLAHOREApproved81.45 Kanal(s)
Ali TownLAHOREApproved399 Kanal(s)
Alia Town Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved256.4 Kanal(s)
Alpha Coop. Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved148.3 Kanal(s)
Ammad Garden Land SubdivisionLAHOREApproved97 Kanal(s)
Angoori Bagh Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved111 Kanal(s)
Apex ResidencyLAHOREApproved9.5 Kanal(s)
Architects Engineers Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved1437.1 Kanal(s)
Army Welfar TrustLAHOREApproved650 Kanal(s)
Army Welfar Trust Phase ILAHOREApproved650 Kanal(s)
Army Welfare Trust Housing Scheme Phase-IILAHOREApproved5603.2 Kanal(s)
Ashraf Gardens Sundar Raiwind Road LahoreLAHOREApproved64 Kanal(s)
Ashrafi Town, Raiwind RoadLAHOREApproved1406.8 Kanal(s)
Audit & Accounts Cooperative Housing Society,LAHOREApproved1253.05 Kanal(s)
Avicena City, Mouza TarogilLAHOREApproved915.9 Kanal(s)
Awaisia TownLAHOREApproved266 Kanal(s)
Awan Coop. Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved224 Kanal(s)
Ayoubia Town, Ajudia Pur M.A Johar TownLAHOREApproved74 Kanal(s)
Azam GardensLAHOREApproved734 Kanal(s)
Azizia TownLAHOREApproved201 Kanal(s)
BOR SocietyLAHOREApproved391.6 Kanal(s)
Bahria Orchards Phase-I, Mouza, Paji and RaiLAHOREApproved3737.55 Kanal(s)
Bahria Town Sectors A, B & CLAHOREApproved14243.2 Kanal(s)
Bankers Avenue Cooperative Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved2436.4 Kanal(s)
Bankers Co-operative Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved552.48 Kanal(s)
Bankers TownLAHOREApproved150.9 Kanal(s)
Beacon House Estate Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1010.45 Kanal(s)
Bismillah Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved855.2 Kanal(s)
Blue Water LSD Mouza JalianaLAHOREApproved139.92 Kanal(s)
CH Khushi MuhammadLAHOREApproved402 Kanal(s)
Campus Colony,LAHOREApproved214 Kanal(s)
Campus View TownLAHOREApproved1263 Kanal(s)
Canal Berg Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved162.2 Kanal(s)
Canal ViewLAHOREApproved2013 Kanal(s)
Central Boulevard Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved237.65 Kanal(s)
Central Park Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved948 Kanal(s)
Chahal HomesLAHOREApproved16 Kanal(s)
China Town Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved152.95 Kanal(s)
Chinar Bagh for the Greater Lahore Cooperative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved3398.69 Kanal(s)
Chinar Courts Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved549.7 Kanal(s)
City Park Housing Scheme Mouza MangaLAHOREApproved621.8 Kanal(s)
City Star Residencia Land Sub DivisionLAHOREApproved35.68 Kanal(s)
City Star Residencia Land Sub DivisionLAHOREApproved35.68 Kanal(s)
Class-IV Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved62 Kanal(s)
Dawood Residency Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved213.78 Kanal(s)
Dawood Residency Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved213.78 Kanal(s)
Dilkusha Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved79 Kanal(s)
Dream Avenue Land Sub-divisionLAHOREApproved24 Kanal(s)
Dream Gardens (Monnoo Housing Estate Phase-I)LAHOREApproved612.73 Kanal(s)
Dream Gardens Housing Scheme Phase-IILAHOREApproved1577.83 Kanal(s)
Dream View Land Sub-divisionLAHOREApproved35 Kanal(s)
Dream VillasLAHOREApproved43 Kanal(s)
Dubai City Land Sub-Division, Mouza BurhanpuraLAHOREApproved69.8 Kanal(s)
Dubai TownLAHOREApproved141 Kanal(s)
E.B Land Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved738.1 Kanal(s)
EXPO Avenue Land Sub-DivisionLAHOREApproved60 Kanal(s)
Eden Abad Extension A+B Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved505.35 Kanal(s)
Eden Abad Extension Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved453.45 Kanal(s)
Eden Abad Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved460.92 Kanal(s)
Eden Abad Phase-II Housing Scheme]LAHOREApproved287.65 Kanal(s)
Eden Boulevard H/SLAHOREApproved538.25 Kanal(s)
Eden Garden Extension Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved505.9 Kanal(s)
Eden Garden Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved666.22 Kanal(s)
Eden Park Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved840.3 Kanal(s)
Eden PlaceLAHOREApproved169.65 Kanal(s)
Eden Residencia H/SLAHOREApproved286.8 Kanal(s)
Eden canal VillasLAHOREApproved315.84 Kanal(s)
Eden canal VillasLAHOREApproved315.84 Kanal(s)
Eden lane VillasLAHOREApproved243.8 Kanal(s)
Eden lane VillasLAHOREApproved243.8 Kanal(s)
Education City Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved302.06 Kanal(s)
Elite Homes, Land SubdivsionLAHOREApproved95.5 Kanal(s)
Engineering University Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1542 Kanal(s)
Etihad Town Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1614.32 Kanal(s)
Etihad Town Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1614.32 Kanal(s)
Ever Green Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved312 Kanal(s)
Farooq AvenueLAHOREApproved122 Kanal(s)
Fazaia Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved4319 Kanal(s)
Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase-II, Mouza Mal & Bhai KotLAHOREApproved1444.11 Kanal(s)
Fazal Elahi Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved157 Kanal(s)
Formanities Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1191.3 Kanal(s)
G.M. Riaz (Land Subdivision)LAHOREApproved29 Kanal(s)
General Sher Ali Khan Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved48 Kanal(s)
Ghaus Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved673.77 Kanal(s)
Ghee Corporation HousingLAHOREApproved174.1 Kanal(s)
Ghousia TownLAHOREApproved267.7 Kanal(s)
Giardino Courts Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved2220.61 Kanal(s)
Gosha e Ahbab Phase-1LAHOREApproved126.36 Kanal(s)
Gosha e Ahbab Phase-2LAHOREApproved160 Kanal(s)
Gosha-e-Ahbab Phase-3LAHOREApproved306.05 Kanal(s)
Government Servant Cooperative Housnig SocietyLAHOREApproved318.7 Kanal(s)
Government Superior Services Cooperative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved714.15 Kanal(s)
Govt Officer Cooperative Housing Society Sector A & BLAHOREApproved1331.92 Kanal(s)
Govt Officer Cooperative Housing Society Sector C & DLAHOREApproved1582.82 Kanal(s)
Grand Avenue Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved62 Kanal(s)
Green Acres Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved592 Kanal(s)
Green Avenue LandSubdivisionLAHOREApproved32.3 Kanal(s)
Green CityLAHOREApproved1066.97 Kanal(s)
Green FortsLAHOREApproved484.85 Kanal(s)
Green FortsLAHOREApproved178.27 Kanal(s)
Green FortsLAHOREApproved2364.88 Kanal(s)
Green Forts Phase ILAHOREApproved178.27 Kanal(s)
Green Forts Phase IILAHOREApproved2452.35 Kanal(s)
Green Forts Phase IVLAHOREApproved484.85 Kanal(s)
Green Villas,LAHOREApproved47 Kanal(s)
Guldasht TownLAHOREApproved685.1 Kanal(s)
Gulshan e Shalimar Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved177.5 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Ahbab Ph-IIILAHOREApproved559.35 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Ahbab, Ph-IILAHOREApproved222.7 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Awan,LAHOREApproved152.1 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-DawoodLAHOREApproved23 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-JinnahLAHOREApproved316.4 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Lahore Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved380 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Madina Land Sub-divisionLAHOREApproved73 Kanal(s)
Gulshan-e-Mustafa Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved507 Kanal(s)
Haidery Homes by Asad Ali Khan,LAHOREApproved93.6 Kanal(s)
Haidery Homes by Asad Ali Khan,LAHOREApproved93.4 Kanal(s)
Hashim TownLAHOREApproved51.25 Kanal(s)
Hassan Town Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved259 Kanal(s)
Heaven Homes Land Sub-DivisionLAHOREApproved17 Kanal(s)
Housing Scheme At Kot Jewan Mal, Mouza Kot Jewan MalLAHOREApproved114.25 Kanal(s)
Housing Scheme at Pindi RajputanLAHOREApproved66 Kanal(s)
Hyde ParkLAHOREApproved295.45 Kanal(s)
Hyde ParkLAHOREApproved295.45 Kanal(s)
IEP Town (Sector-A) CHS,LAHOREApproved5610.66 Kanal(s)
IEP Town (Sector-A)Extension CHSLAHOREApproved1613.23 Kanal(s)
IEP Town Sector-BLAHOREApproved293.4 Kanal(s)
Icon Valley Housing Scheme, Mouza PajiLAHOREApproved208.65 Kanal(s)
Icon Valley Phase-II, Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved363.45 Kanal(s)
International City (Country Homes)LAHOREApproved502 Kanal(s)
Iqbal Avenue ECHS Phase-ILAHOREApproved467 Kanal(s)
Iqbal Block Land Sub-Division, Mouza Manga Ottar Multan RoadLAHOREApproved60 Kanal(s)
Iqbal avenueLAHOREApproved1053.9 Kanal(s)
Iqbal avenue Phase IIILAHOREApproved1053.9 Kanal(s)
Irrigation Cooperative Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved719.4 Kanal(s)
Irum GardenLAHOREApproved38 Kanal(s)
Islamia College Old Boys H.S.LAHOREApproved352 Kanal(s)
Ismail Block,LAHOREApproved98 Kanal(s)
Ittefaq Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved59.55 Kanal(s)
Izmir TownLAHOREApproved4241.17 Kanal(s)
Izmir TownLAHOREApproved459.8 Kanal(s)
Izmir Town Phase ILAHOREApproved4241.17 Kanal(s)
Izmir Town Phase IILAHOREApproved459.8 Kanal(s)
Jaffar TownLAHOREApproved122 Kanal(s)
Jamal HomesLAHOREApproved13 Kanal(s)
Judicial Employees CHS-ILAHOREApproved438.35 Kanal(s)
Judicial Employees CHS-I (EXTENSION)LAHOREApproved107.85 Kanal(s)
Judicial Employees CHS-IILAHOREApproved276.5 Kanal(s)
Judicial employeesLAHOREApproved714.25 Kanal(s)
Judicial employees Phase IIILAHOREApproved714.25 Kanal(s)
KEMC King Edward Medical CollegeLAHOREApproved1832.35 Kanal(s)
Kakezai CHS Ph-I,LAHOREApproved249.9 Kanal(s)
Kakezai Phase-II Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved590.1 Kanal(s)
Kalwar HomesLAHOREApproved11.8 Kanal(s)
Khayaban-E-Iqbal Land Sub-DivisionLAHOREApproved96.1 Kanal(s)
Khayaban-e-KhairudinLAHOREApproved423 Kanal(s)
Khayaban-e-Khairudin ExtLAHOREApproved71.9 Kanal(s)
Khayaban-e-Zohra SchemeLAHOREApproved66 Kanal(s)
Khayyam Mini City Housing Scheme Mouza Dina NathLAHOREApproved205.89 Kanal(s)
Khyaban-e-Ameen Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved2323.45 Kanal(s)
Kings Town Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved175.3 Kanal(s)
LCCILAHOREApproved337.75 Kanal(s)
LCCILAHOREApproved119.85 Kanal(s)
LCCI Phase ILAHOREApproved337.75 Kanal(s)
LCCI Phase IILAHOREApproved119.85 Kanal(s)
Lahore Avenue Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved160.65 Kanal(s)
Lahore Canal BankLAHOREApproved582.25 Kanal(s)
Lahore Canal BankLAHOREApproved582.25 Kanal(s)
Lahore Smart CityLAHOREApproved20,000 Kanal(s)
Lahore Villas, Land SubdivisionLAHOREApproved94.2 Kanal(s)
Lake City (Bella Vista) Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved8791.73 Kanal(s)
Lake City Bella Verde Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved6746.04 Kanal(s)
Lalazar Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved43 Kanal(s)
Land Bareeze Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved384.14 Kanal(s)
Land Bareeze Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved384.14 Kanal(s)
Land Bareeze Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved119.54 Kanal(s)
Land Bareeze Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved119.54 Kanal(s)
Land Sub-division at Khasra No’s 2484 & 2487 etcLAHOREApproved121.5 Kanal(s)
Land Sub-division for ACE Developers Pvt. Ltd.LAHOREApproved25 Kanal(s)
Land Sub-division for ACE Developers Pvt. Ltd.LAHOREApproved40 Kanal(s)
MMM-HomesLAHOREApproved11.06 Kanal(s)
Maryam Town Housing Scheme,LAHOREApproved172.87 Kanal(s)
Mascot Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved315 Kanal(s)
Masha Allah LSD,LAHOREApproved89.35 Kanal(s)
Mehraj TownLAHOREApproved141.15 Kanal(s)
Mid Land Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved202.6 Kanal(s)
Millat TractorLAHOREApproved390.65 Kanal(s)
Model Enclave, opposite to Fruits & Vegetables MarketLAHOREApproved62.69 Kanal(s)
Model Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved216.2 Kanal(s)
Mohafiz Town Ph-IILAHOREApproved822.85 Kanal(s)
Mohallah Ashraf Awan Colony Land sub DivisionLAHOREApproved26 Kanal(s)
Muhafiz TownLAHOREApproved826.38 Kanal(s)
Muhafiz Town Phase ILAHOREApproved826.38 Kanal(s)
Munir GardensLAHOREApproved81.35 Kanal(s)
Muslim Nagar (Telegraph & Telephone Employees CooperativeLAHOREApproved464.45 Kanal(s)
NESPAKLAHOREApproved1263.68 Kanal(s)
NESPAK Ph-II Site ILAHOREApproved1263.68 Kanal(s)
NFC ECHS Phase-ILAHOREApproved2565 Kanal(s)
NFC Employees Cooperative Housing Society Phase-IILAHOREApproved7058.69 Kanal(s)
Nashaman-e-BahriaLAHOREApproved145.5 Kanal(s)
Nasheman-e-Iqbal Land Sub-division,LAHOREApproved103.18 Kanal(s)
Nasheman-e-Iqbal Phase-ILAHOREApproved1134 Kanal(s)
Nashman-E-Iqbal Ph-II Extension,LAHOREApproved1195.1 Kanal(s)
Nawab TownLAHOREApproved1367 Kanal(s)
Naz TownLAHOREApproved600 Kanal(s)
Nespak Housing Scheme Phase-ILAHOREApproved1093 Kanal(s)
Nespak Ph-II, Site-IILAHOREApproved992.9 Kanal(s)
New Lahore City Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved346.9 Kanal(s)
News Papers Employees Ccooperative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved105.55 Kanal(s)
OPF Farm (Phase-I)LAHOREApproved355.25 Kanal(s)
OPF Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1010.45 Kanal(s)
Officers and Executive (Bagh-e-Iram) Cooperative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved1402 Kanal(s)
P&D SocietyLAHOREApproved986.4 Kanal(s)
P&D SocietyLAHOREApproved986.4 Kanal(s)
PASSCO EmployeesLAHOREApproved311.85 Kanal(s)
PASSCO EmployeesLAHOREApproved311.85 Kanal(s)
PCSIR Employees CHS ph-ILAHOREApproved630.3 Kanal(s)
PCSIR Employees Cooperative Housing Society Phase? IILAHOREApproved1313.15 Kanal(s)
PCSIR Staff Ph-ILAHOREApproved332 Kanal(s)
PCSIR Staff Ph-II & IIILAHOREApproved1261 Kanal(s)
PIA ECHS Phase-I.LAHOREApproved1791 Kanal(s)
PIA ECHS Phase-IILAHOREApproved380 Kanal(s)
Pace Wood LandLAHOREApprovedKanal(s)
Pak ArabLAHOREApproved1530.15 Kanal(s)
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Foundation Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1562.76 Kanal(s)
Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved177.57 Kanal(s)
Pakistan Rajpoot H/SLAHOREApproved190.92 Kanal(s)
Pakistan Rajpoot H/SLAHOREApproved190.92 Kanal(s)
Pakistan Technocrats Co-Operative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved814.45 Kanal(s)
Palm City (Al Mawa) Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved561.95 Kanal(s)
Palm Garden Land SubdivisionLAHOREApproved27.95 Kanal(s)
Palm VillasLAHOREApproved62.37 Kanal(s)
Palm VillasLAHOREApproved62.37 Kanal(s)
Park Avenue Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1785.65 Kanal(s)
Public health EnggLAHOREApproved743 Kanal(s)
Public health EnggLAHOREApproved743 Kanal(s)
Punjab Cooperative ECHSLAHOREApproved253.52 Kanal(s)
Punjab Govt. ECHS Phase-ILAHOREApproved1860 Kanal(s)
Punjab Govt. ECHS Phase-I Ext.LAHOREApproved93.66 Kanal(s)
Punjab Govt. ECHS Phase-IILAHOREApproved1278.3 Kanal(s)
Punjab Housing Scheme(Ideal Homes)LAHOREApprovedKanal(s)
Punjab University TownLAHOREApproved855.65 Kanal(s)
Punjab University Town -ILAHOREApproved855.65 Kanal(s)
Punjab University Town-IILAHOREApproved1466.25 Kanal(s)
Punjab View Land Sub-divisionLAHOREApproved9.1 Kanal(s)
Punjab excise and taxationLAHOREApproved224.5 Kanal(s)
Punjab excise and taxationLAHOREApproved224.5 Kanal(s)
Rail townLAHOREApproved679 Kanal(s)
Rail townLAHOREApproved679 Kanal(s)
Ravians Cooperative Housing Scheme (merged in DHA Rehbar)LAHOREApproved480.6 Kanal(s)
Raza TownLAHOREApproved233.25 Kanal(s)
Regent Park Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved362.88 Kanal(s)
Rehman EstateLAHOREApproved79 Kanal(s)
Rehman GardenLAHOREApproved95 Kanal(s)
Rehmanabad Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved212 Kanal(s)
Revenue ECHS ( A)LAHOREApproved543.4 Kanal(s)
Revenue ECHS ( B)LAHOREApproved844 Kanal(s)
River EdgeLAHOREApproved765.05 Kanal(s)
River View Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved475 Kanal(s)
Royal ResidenciaLAHOREApproved1500.45 Kanal(s)
Royal View GardenLAHOREApproved149 Kanal(s)
Saadat CHSLAHOREApproved248.6 Kanal(s)
Safari Garden Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved454 Kanal(s)
Safari VillasLAHOREApproved23 Kanal(s)
Safia HomesLAHOREApproved264.8 Kanal(s)
Sally Town SouthLAHOREApproved129.4 Kanal(s)
Samanberg KhurdLAHOREApproved52.65 Kanal(s)
Samanzar Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved118 Kanal(s)
Sargodha ECHSLAHOREApproved260 Kanal(s)
Saroba GardensLAHOREApproved90.3 Kanal(s)
Satellite TownLAHOREApproved156 Kanal(s)
Schazoo Housing Scheme, eLAHOREApproved24.85 Kanal(s)
Scotia Land Sub-Division, Mouza JalianaLAHOREApproved124.66 Kanal(s)
Shahid TownLAHOREApproved247.1 Kanal(s)
Shami VillasLAHOREApproved9.9 Kanal(s)
Shami VillasLAHOREApproved9.9 Kanal(s)
Shami peace HomeLAHOREApproved9.84 Kanal(s)
Shami peace HomeLAHOREApproved9.84 Kanal(s)
Sheraz Town,LAHOREApproved546.05 Kanal(s)
Siagal EsateLAHOREApproved77 Kanal(s)
Smart Town, Land SubdivisionLAHOREApproved26.9 Kanal(s)
State Enterprise (Marghzar) Ph-ILAHOREApproved1048 Kanal(s)
State Enterprise (Marghzar) Ph-IILAHOREApproved492.25 Kanal(s)
State Life Insurance Cooperative Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved2617 Kanal(s)
Sui Northern Gas ECHSLAHOREApproved182.55 Kanal(s)
Sui Northern Officers Cooperative Housing Society Phase-IILAHOREApproved6530.26 Kanal(s)
Sukh Chayn Gardens Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved2132.45 Kanal(s)
Sultan townLAHOREApproved198.5 Kanal(s)
Sultan townLAHOREApproved198.5 Kanal(s)
Suman BurgLAHOREApproved228 Kanal(s)
SunflowerLAHOREApproved142 Kanal(s)
Sunfort GardensLAHOREApproved49 Kanal(s)
Sunny ParkLAHOREApproved349.16 Kanal(s)
Sunny Park ExtensionLAHOREApproved120 Kanal(s)
TIP Cooperative Housing Society,LAHOREApproved500.07 Kanal(s)
TIP Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme, Mouza JallianaLAHOREApproved259 Kanal(s)
Takbeer VillasLAHOREApproved92 Kanal(s)
Tariq Garden Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved1461.5 Kanal(s)
Tauheed Town, Land subdivisionLAHOREApproved70.45 Kanal(s)
Tech SocietyLAHOREApproved1076 Kanal(s)
Telecommunication Employees Co-operative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved635 Kanal(s)
Tricon VillageLAHOREApproved314 Kanal(s)
Tuxedo Farm Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved391.48 Kanal(s)
Valencia Town (Phase: I-IV)LAHOREApproved7322.55 Kanal(s)
Valencia Town-V, Mouza SadokiLAHOREApproved1121.5 Kanal(s)
Venus Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved603 Kanal(s)
Vital HomesLAHOREApproved39 Kanal(s)
Vital Orchard DDLAHOREApproved175.3 Kanal(s)
Vital Orchard Homes EELAHOREApproved123.1 Kanal(s)
WAPDA Finance Officers Subsistence Farm Homes/ Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved2468.9 Kanal(s)
Wapda ECHS Phase-ILAHOREApproved9280.55 Kanal(s)
Wapda ECHS Phase-I Ext.LAHOREApproved388 Kanal(s)
Wapda ECHS Phase-IILAHOREApproved1817.55 Kanal(s)
Waqas Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved7.5 Kanal(s)
West wood ColonyLAHOREApproved663 Kanal(s)
West wood ColonyLAHOREApproved663 Kanal(s)
Wockland Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved54 Kanal(s)
Women Housing Scheme, Mouza Kot Jewan Mal Chak No. 62LAHOREApproved271.2 Kanal(s)
Wyeth Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyLAHOREApproved785.75 Kanal(s)
Yousaf Town, (Trabsferred from TMA Nishtar Town)LAHOREApproved44.9 Kanal(s)
Zaamin CityLAHOREApproved1821.7 Kanal(s)
Zaheer ud din BarberLAHOREApproved59 Kanal(s)
Zain Residencia Housing SchemeLAHOREApproved134.85 Kanal(s)
Zaitoon CityLAHOREApproved327 Kanal(s)
Zam zam CityLAHOREApproved
Zubaida Khatoon, Mouza halloki, Defecnce Road, LahoreLAHOREApproved512.65 Kanal(s)